TSDC Promises

Trunk Show Designer Consignment believes in quality versus quantity!

One amazing handbag is better than a closet full of "okay" handbags. That's why Chanel handbags end up being passed on to generation after generation and never decrease in value. We at TSDC believe that great quality is worth working for. We also understand that our customers are educated consumers who look for the best bargain for their buck. At our store, we've made it possible to be luxurious on a budget.

No-Fake Policy!

We guarantee the authenticity of every item you purchase at TSDC. If you are ever concerned about the authenticity of an item purchased at TSDC, we will honor you a full refund.

We want you to look your best!

At TSDC, we want you to always look your best. We believe that style is substance, and that feeling great means looking great. Our inventory is always well curated and carefully selected. We want each of our clients to feel like a kid in a candy store, and leave our shop with a smile and the item of their dreams. We want you to know that any piece purchased at our shop is special and unique and should make you feel just the same.

Consignment is Eco-friendly!

At TSDC, we believe that extending the life cycle of your "Prada gown" is good for people and the planet. Not only does it promote sustainable values by decreasing demands for new merchandise, but it's also just plain practical. Why let something you no longer have use for go to waste, when you can pass it on to another fashionista who will treasure it?